life unfiltered


Had a thoroughly terrible dream in which I was traveling. I had gotten to the airport and after checking in had found some information the attendant told me about (disgruntled customer, as though I still worked at Safeway but one who had been calling people trying to contact me). I returned to where I’d left my bag, near the attendant, and my laptop was missing.

I saw a man headed to a charging room (?) with what looked like my computer so I confronted him and took it back. He acquiesced and admitted this was how he got new things.

We took a bus to the gate (?) and as I was preparing to get off, I realized I didn’t have my phone. I frantically searched my bags but couldn’t find it. I stepped aside and then got off the bus to find out how I could return to the airport (another bus). I retrieved my belongings, only to find my wallet sitting out on the seat having been rifled though and money missing.

Then I woke up. Not much of a relaxing start to my day.