In progress 

I’m currently chilling in an Ultra Cuts waiting to fix what was a good intentioned and yet no less terrible haircut. I have got large scale election anxiety on a level that I have never experienced. My hair, my nails and my hands are all feeling it. 

I’ve got some projects to finish (which is more difficult when I’m anxious)  so I’m going to try and power through . 

Project 1- hanging planter stand.  Started this because I think the Yucca is too big and pokey for the bedroom. The frame is done. I need to attach a base, the hook, paint, tie a plant holder and then get a plant. If this works as anticipated, I’ll make a second for the front porch. 

Project 2- hanging planters for the dining room. These are going to be wall mounted. I’ve got the boards and chicken wire but am still mulling over the design in my head . Going to make 2.

Project 3-side table . Made entirely from scrap, I’ve got everything cut. Need to sand finish and attach pieces . The time consuming part will be finishing the top to match the coffee table, which used two coats of stain and then pickling. 

Next week I have to throw a party, so this is also useful procrastination. 

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This sick beet


Taylor Swift got beats, I got beets. No trademark infringement!

I made this shake for dinner and I’ve got to say I like it. I’ve never been a fan of beets – generally I think they taste like dirt – but I cooked these in the microwave (surprisingly easy) and put one in with all these ingredients. I added chia seeds and a cup of spinach and, as you can see, it remains a lovely shade of PURPLE. Possibly the purpliest purple to EVER purple. Double bonus: it doesn’t taste like dirt. I’ve got a friend doing Atkins induction right now and this is possibly the only meal she won’t be jealous not to be eating.

After a follow up visit with an eye doctor today, it turns out I didn’t have something in my eye after all- just a straight up eye infection. It’s one I hadn’t heard of and it means putting drops in my eyes every two hours for the next day or so and having my eye dilated for a couple weeks. This means I’ll be lots of fun at parties. Luckily I have no parties to attend.

It also means no real sleep tonight, so I’m going to stream Netflix’s Sense8 which everyone said was an interesting and trippy show and should go real well with sleep deprivation. w00t!

The upside is that finally having stuff to help my eye will maybe make me less likely to want to assault people. The struggle was real today, people.

xo, sj


New Year’s Eve

Lots of people have done their sum ups of 2015 or lengthy posts evaluating the last year.

For me, New Year’s Eve is always about celebrating the fact that we made it through the year. Good and bad, closing the books on it. Not dwelling on what I want to do differently or setting a list of challenges for the upcoming year- December 31st is a celebration of an upcoming clean slate.

Tomorrow is when I’ll start making my plan for the year. I usually begin by trying to spend New Year’s Day doing things I think are important and want to continue a tradition of, but I’ll also start looking at goals for the year and how to achieve them. So much of my job requires setting goals, measuring, re-evaluating, and project planning that that’s not how I want to spend the turn of the year. 

Tonight, I’ll just celebrate and be grateful that I squeaked another one past the fates and work pretty hard at not thinking critically until sometime tomorrow.