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September has been ‘maker’ month

I haven’t done a proper post in ages because I’ve been working on a lot of projects. It all began with the idea for a dining table (the one we’ve had forever doesn’t fit the new house as well as I’d have liked). I found a boatload of ideas on Pinterest and some specific plans. 

But before I started that, I deconstructed our coffee table.

Our old coffee table was great- we’ve had it since the year we got married. It was part of a set that all have an interesting wrought iron base, so I knew I wanted to reuse or refinish it, rather than get rid of it.  Nothing wrong with the table, just a bit too small for the new living room furniture.

I pulled the top off and used it for a pattern with the new top. I assembled it and stained it. My husband decided he wanted a more distressed look, so I got some pickling stain and decided to give it a shot. What I discovered is that there aren’t great instructions for doing this. I snapped a couple of blurry photos while I was in process because you have to move FAST unless you want the white to stick with a seriousness. It requires VERY LITTLE pickling to get driftwood-type distressing (where the board looks aged but not like actual driftwood).

The stain applied right before I started rubbing it in with a cloth, the boards in process so you can see the difference.

The end result came out pretty great.