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It snowed today.

That’s really where things were destined to go terribly wrong. Today would normally be my day off, but I started out fixing a bunch of company-wide forms and, well, it didn’t get more exciting than that.

Holy cats, it’s been a crazy month. So I’m working from home on a Friday night and having a difficult time focusing so I took a break, had a beer and read my favorite newsletter (TwoBossyDames) and have been listening to a lot of great music (Bad Bad Hats, Walk The Moon, Hey Marseilles, Lianne LaHavas, Eleanor Friedberger).

I’ve read some books, but haven’t caught up to my GoodReads schedule. To tell you what I’ve read I’d have to get up and find my kindle, so you get vaguepost.

My super exciting plan for the weekend includes policy revision, continuity plan updates, and frozen dinners. I know, I know; you’re jealous. The good news is the snow didn’t stick. It’s supposed to get warmer. I might even go for a run tomorrow. For now, this is what the future looks like.FridayWorkNight