#InboxZero – things I love

I’ve been a champ at #InboxZero at work for some time. It’s unusual for me not to get my entire inbox emptied by the end of the week, if not sooner. My personal email is a whole other thing and i’m spending a really lovely Saturday outside with my laptop, cleaning out Google Inbox. This post is going to be a list of all the links that I kept in my inbox, reviewed, and love enough to share.

Body Language and Confidence

You Don’t Need More Free Time

Female Fronted Bands at this year’s SXSW This is a spotify playlist and I’m going to warn you I already bought 3 albums.

Ashley C. Ford on conversations about race and how they go wrong. Required reading for white people.

This is a really fantastic article about grief and pop culture (namely, how it ties to you) and it really resonated for me. I can talk about how my grief after my father’s death affected my life and there are definite pop culture touchstones to that process- two of many: Snow Patrol’s Final Straw and Finding Neverland.

What Successful People Do Before Breakfast.

Life Changing Books – an interesting list and it’s largely populated by books I’m unfamiliar with, which is why it’s been lingering in my inbox

Another post on the Psychology of the Daily Routine. I find this stuff fascinating because 1. I’ve never bothered much to establish a daily routine and 2. I always feel like I’m more productive in the afternoon. Reading the items on this list is making me rethink my days.

Hemingway’s list of must-read literature. I’m a fan of the writer, and I thought this list was interesting and surprising.

Turning the worst team into the best: I read this book not long after starting my new position. It was a practical and helpful guide to take a look at what/how I was doing and how I could best influence the folks on my team.

How a 90-year-old missing person became a hit on Spotify

An online Yoga Festival– I have participated in these and you get access to an amazing number of classes with great teachers that you can continue to view AFTER the conference. A pretty good deal for the price.

Netflix also sent me two important messages. Season 2 of The Returned is available and Netflix has a new show called Love. Those are the Rotten Tomatoes links, in case you care about other peoples’ reviews/ratings. Season 1 of The Returned (which is the French version, if you care) was intense, creepy and super compelling. I’m going to wait until I’ve got time to binge.

RIP Alan Rickman. This interview for Bullseye is great and they spent time talking about one of my all time favorite films – Die Hard – in exactly the way I would hope people would discuss and interview about it. Fantastic. Streamable from the web- no app needed. The subsequent interview with Sacha Jenkins regarding fashion and music is kind of great as well.

Success! Personal #inboxzero achieved.

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