There’s something in my eye

Actually, it’s not in my eye anymore. After almost two weeks of travel, I’m back in the blustery western plains. My eye was red, angry and sensitive enough to light that walking outside felt like someone stabbing me in the face. I went to the ER, where some things were flushed out of my eye (?!) and it’s hopefully on its way to good repair.

Instead of reading, which I’d planned to do, I listened to several back episodes of Pop Culture Happy Hour during my plane and airport time yesterday. Today, instead of finishing Girl on A Train (no, not that one- the other one) I’m watching/listening to Pride and Prejudice.

The 2005 version with Kiera Knightly and Matthew MacFadyen is becoming my favorite iteration of all the adaptations. It hits all the highs and lows needed to make the story feel satisfying and, controversial a stand as it may be, MacFadyen is a better fit than Colin Firth.

Second runner up has to be Bridget Jones Diary and my third place goes to Austenland.

Do you have a favorite Pride and Prejudice?

2 Replies to “There’s something in my eye”

  1. I thought the rainy confession scene suffered from bad delivery. Fabulous film otherwise. Lots of well-thought-out motifs. One day I’ll go through the bird usage.

    There are three P&Ps in the DVD collection, with my first Mr. Darcy, David Rintoul, the last to join them. My fav is whichever hits the mood. Literature 1980, Romance 1995, or Delightful 2005.

    {{healing vibes}}


    1. To be honest, it grew on me. And now I even really like that scene because MacFadyen is really spectacular. It hits all the right notes in less than 7 hours. ūüėČ


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