New Year’s Eve

Lots of people have done their sum ups of 2015 or lengthy posts evaluating the last year.

For me, New Year’s Eve is always about celebrating the fact that we made it through the year. Good and bad, closing the books on it. Not dwelling on what I want to do differently or setting a list of challenges for the upcoming year- December 31st is a celebration of an upcoming clean slate.

Tomorrow is when I’ll start making my plan for the year. I usually begin by trying to spend New Year’s Day doing things I think are important and want to continue a tradition of, but I’ll also start looking at goals for the year and how to achieve them. So much of my job requires setting goals, measuring, re-evaluating, and project planning that that’s not how I want to spend the turn of the year. 

Tonight, I’ll just celebrate and be grateful that I squeaked another one past the fates and work pretty hard at not thinking critically until sometime tomorrow.


Books. Just books

So there have been plenty of things, some books, and then other things. I’m not quite done listening to the latest Salman Rushdie as a deer very inconsiderately ran into my car and derailed my listening.

Things I’ve read/finished in the last month:

Still Alice– I haven’t seen the film but the novel is as poignant as one might expect. This particular Alzheimer’s patient begins as a pretty brilliant educator. The story is interesting, engaging and not exactly new territory. The most intriguing part was her note to herself, saved on her computer and how that unfolds. I can see how it would make a good movie, though I’m not sure the book will drive me to see it.

The Sparrow– Jesuit Priests in Space. Super simplified but nonetheless accurate. In the future (less far away now than when it was written) humans make contact with aliens. The collective governments can’t get their poop in a group to beat the priests to space and so the first contact – and the team that makes said contact – is intriguing, complex and takes what could be just a good story and makes it an interesting discussion about society, cultural development, prejudice and faith. Slow starter, but once it gets going it was hard to put down.

The Comeback Kiss – I really enjoy Lani Diane Rich’s books because they are just… nice. Nothing is ever really simple but it’s always relatable and usually funny.

Rooms– This is a ghost story told by ghosts. I don’t think that’s a spoiler. What’s most interesting about how this plays out is how the stories of the ghosts are slowly revealed and how they interact with the people they come in contact with.

I feel like I’m missing a bunch of things, so I’m going to have to review.