Packing up

I thought I jammed my toe but it looks like a case of turf toe instead. I’m all taped up now and while I’m still recovering from yesterday’s packing marathon (15 hours) I’ve still got a lot to do today.

I’ve managed to sell some things, which is great, and donate/pitch more. There’s still a lot to do though and I’m beginning to doubt my timeline.

Perhaps it’ll go more quickly today since the tape will help with my hobbling.

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My run tonight

It was gorgeous tonight, despite an incoming storm. I continue to be able to run more than I’m walking. I walk the first half or so mile (I’ll have to clock it out tomorrow), I run almost all of the second mile and then the third and a half is a mix of run/walk.

I’m still enjoying it. I’m listening to All the Lights we Cannot See and I think audiobooks will be my listen of choice if I’m not doing a training run/spring. I haven’t decided yet whether or not I’ll be on board for a Turkey Trot this year but I think there’s a chance I might prep for it just in case. No pressure if I don’t do it, but it’s a goal to maintain consistency.

In other news, I’ve got a lot of flights coming up and I’m dialing in my carryon packing game. My little blue duffel is going to get a serious workout.

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Today I got distracted packing boxes and didn’t get to running until sunset, so I cut my run short- 1.4 miles instead of my usual 3.5-3..8. My time was better, though, and the run felt good. I even had a phone conversation during the first half mile or so. Didn’t get my steps in, but I’m happy with how I felt at the end of the workout.

I’ve got a plan for tomorrow’s boxes, including the great wardrobe reduction.I’ll be sending my Halloween stuff (yes, I have several costumes) and some miscellaneous summer- related items down to Texas since I’m not going to be needing them here anytime soon. Reservations have been made and notice have been given, so the real move is on. Now I’ve got the deadline to get all my boxes packed.


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It’s been a quiet Friday in this small town. I’ve got Honey Garlic Chicken in the crock pot and a load of laundry in the dryer. The boxes I was working on have been abandoned for a walk in the park.

I’m mildly horrified when I see the adverts for corrections TV shows. Generally they are horrible because they show the worst of everyone, which makes them standard reality TV. It’s hard enough working in corrections to not place all your attention on the worst things and I’m happy to leave all of that when I’m out of the building. Also, Orange is the New Black is the worst for so many reasons that it could be its own post.

Instead, sunset view of a ballpark.


All that green grass looks relaxing.

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It’s that time of year


It is officially fall. We don’t have aspens in Montana the way they do in Colorado, but the temps have decidedly cooled off. You can tell I’m ready to move to Texas because, for the first time ever, I want more summer.

Fall has always been my favorite season. I get out Halloween decorations on September 1st and leave them up until Thanksgiving. I love the chill in the air, hot drinks, crisp walks and all the smells that come with the season. I cannot remember ever wanting more summer.

The temps in Texas are still more than 10 degrees warmer than here. I’d be okay with that. Montana commonly gets another heatwave before the chill settles in, so I’m hoping for another several weeks of 70+.

I had a really good week at work this week. My team is excellent and gets along smashingly. We had the usual hiccups but everyone got to the end of the week on a very ‘up’ note. I say end of the week, because today was the end of my week. It also means with me out of their hair (read: not interrupting) they’ll all be a little extra productive tomorrow, which also counts as a win.

I got a ton of things wrapped up today, reports sent, appointments finalized, and the other thousand things that make up your job which – when you’re doing them, you are annoyed by and can enumerate to the nth degree – you can’t remember when you go to tell someone what you did with your day. But I left with my desk clear, a smile on my face and my inbox empty. That’s a pretty good week.

I ran tonight. Close to 4 miles. Before MapMyRun ate the workout, I’d had faster splits than expected and I finished the workout not feeling exhausted. So far, so good. Having completed my work laundry list, this weekend is all about the home laundry list. Plenty on the honey-do, and I’m the only honey about.


Big Sky, Big Shift


I’m disappointed that I’m not relocating all the way south, but I’m not disappointed that my running path will look like this for another couple of seasons.

I ran tonight and enjoyed the early fall weather- 70s, only a slight breeze and no traffic to speak of. Someone on my goodreads list – someone I don’t even interact with all that often – added a bunch of books about running to her tbr list. A couple of them jumped out at me, so I picked up No Need for Speed.

I hadn’t heard of the author but the reviews led me to believe that it was up my alley. It’s a solid read and it helped me get my head right about running. I’ve been telling myself for years that I don’t like running and I’m not a runner. It’s not true.

I have always liked running. I especially liked running fast and always ran sprints during track in high school. Since my coach wasn’t especially serious about conditioning, I never ran more than a mile. Ever. When I started, many years ago, to try running a 5k I didn’t do great. I’d do well for a while, then quit. I didn’t like running outside, so I’d use a treadmill and then I’d quit again. I was slow, I wasn’t having fun, I wasn’t a runner.

This book was great for my motivation! I *am* a runner, regardless of how fast I am. I’d gotten into a habit of using old excuses in order to not run. I got some legitimate running socks and some reflective wear. I like to run in the evening in order to avoid sunburn and the bottles of sunscreen it takes to prevent it. And I got off my butt and ran.

And I like it better. I’m thinking about it differently. I’m focusing on my mechanics and running when I feel like it, walking when I need to. I’m listening to audiobooks while running – also new for me. So far I like it, despite being used to a workout mix with pounding beats.

So John Bingham is going to be good for me. I’m appreciative that people out there are writing about exercise in this way because now I can’t use my old excuses to not do it. So that’s my new commitment for this particular loop around the sun. Keep running.

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Had a thoroughly terrible dream in which I was traveling. I had gotten to the airport and after checking in had found some information the attendant told me about (disgruntled customer, as though I still worked at Safeway but one who had been calling people trying to contact me). I returned to where I’d left my bag, near the attendant, and my laptop was missing.

I saw a man headed to a charging room (?) with what looked like my computer so I confronted him and took it back. He acquiesced and admitted this was how he got new things.

We took a bus to the gate (?) and as I was preparing to get off, I realized I didn’t have my phone. I frantically searched my bags but couldn’t find it. I stepped aside and then got off the bus to find out how I could return to the airport (another bus). I retrieved my belongings, only to find my wallet sitting out on the seat having been rifled though and money missing.

Then I woke up. Not much of a relaxing start to my day.

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New year, new zip code

I just had a birthday. I’m pretty proud of my birthdays, since I wasn’t convinced I’d have this many, and a lot of things made this year’s special. Not activities, as I was home alone, but lots of life changing events which should make the next 12 months an interesting challenge.

I’ve started running – something I’ve done half-heartedly in the past but I’m trying to cultivate deeper motivation. I’m going to have plenty of time, so it can’t hurt to try.

I also read a lot- my current obsession is audiobooks, which I can listen to while i’m packing boxes.

My husband and I are relocating – in fact he’s already done so but I’m going to be staying put for a while. I’ve got an amazing job for an incredible company, a really supportive spouse and a soon-to-be roommate which will make the distance a little easier. Our new zip code is about 1300 miles from where I am so I’m looking forward to more frequent flyer miles. Not really. I AM looking forward to warmer weather.

I’ve been online in various iterations and pseudonyms since the 90s. This might be the first thing, in all that time, that I try to keep completely open.